"The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object." ~ Thomas Jefferson

FreedomMaker Curriculum

What is a FreedomMaker?  

FreedomMaker is an educational curriculum that provides a step by step process, a road map if you will, to restore our Constitutional freedoms we the citizens have abdicated.  We use the term abdicated, not stolen or lost because we did not respect our freedoms enough to protect them.

Have you ever said or heard someone else say in regard to our political process, “There is nothing any of us can ever do to change things”.  That was the seed of challenge that prompted the founder of FreedomMakers, Michael Sandefur to ask the question:

What would it take to restore our freedoms?”  

This question soon lead to the establishment of the FreedomMaker goal:


A mission in earnest began to define a process that would accomplish this mission. It became immediately apparent that such results would unlikely occur by random chance or desire.  Therefore it would take a plan.  Two outcomes presented themselves. One outcome we do nothing and ever so slowly our freedoms would erode until the point of no return.  For this scenario no solution could be identified.  The second outcome there would be a defining moment, an epiphany if you will, in which we would collectively realize our liberty was in peril.

Such an epiphany occurred during the recent economic crisis brought upon us by Bush/Obama administrations aristocratic disdain. This coupled with an absolute disregard and even contempt from so many of our elected officials at all levels of government toward our fundamental rights have resulted in the proverbial “last straw”.

For the first time in most of our lives the silent majority awoke and became motivated to take action.  We can no longer be passive, we must remain vigilant, tenacious and unite until we achieve our goals and be keenly aware, “There is a very fine line between motivated to action and motivated too late.”

However, restoring our freedoms requires more than simple motivation. Our revolutionary fathers had great desire for freedom.  Commitment great enough to die for, and many did, but this alone was not enough.  They took their commitment, and with a plan were able to focus their energies and achieve their goal.  So too must we as modern patriots develop a plan.

In defining a plan to restore our freedoms, three steps were identified:

  • Simplify the issues
  • Unify the citizens
  • Focus the energy 

With goals came questions. The singular biggest question was:


When we consider the vast number of enormous challenges it becomes overwhelming.  When we consider that most of our politicians have little or no regard for our interests we feel powerless and many become disenfranchised.

We must differentiate between disenfranchised and apathy.  Apathy surrounds us and always will, and these individuals are inconsequential to the process.  The disenfranchised are those who care, those willing to take action, but simply do not know where to start or what to do.

So what is necessary is to simplify the process so the disenfranchised understand they can make a difference and become galvanized to take action.

If you were told you had to immediately depart to a city in a foreign country with no money, map, resources or even the knowledge of what continent you may be going to, you may feel overwhelmed. But if someone gave you a map, resources and an itinerary of each leg of the journey you become empowered. What seemed overwhelming now seems possible. That is what we must do for the disenfranchised and for ourselves. Simplify the process.

Part of the simplification is to understand human nature and how we group and label everything.  We group the planet into  continents, countries, and then states each with a label, and it works.  But sometimes it works against us.  Sometimes labels divide and entrap.  Today you are challenged to discard the divisional Orwellian terminology that power seekers have used to divide us, terms such as conservative, liberal, right or leftwing, republican, or democrat.

We cannot win this battle using cliché terms and other people’s arguments. We must redefine ourselves in a manner that articulates our goal and does not divide the FreedomMakers. We must embrace a common theme that both simplifies and unifies our interest.

FreedomMaker transcends political parties. We should first identify ourselves as FreedomMakers and any party affiliation, if necessary, is secondary.  We should care not if you’re a liberal or conservative, rightwing or leftwing… all we care to know is are you a FreedomMaker or FreedomTaker.

The design of the constitution is to provide just enough governance to stave off anarchy.  Anything beyond is freedom taking.  Going forward we will demand our elected representatives to ask one simple question on every single decision… Am I making freedoms or taking freedoms?  That is the only kind of elected official we should stand behind and support.

As earlier stated, three steps:  Simplify, Unify & Focus.  Redefining our position as either FreedomMaker or FreedomTaker provides a portion of the Simplification and Unification.
To further unify, let’s talk about symbols for a moment, are they important?  Allow an illustration… how about CHANGE or HOPE. If someone can bring about such constitutional destruction with such nebulous, hollow slogans; how much more can good people achieve with a symbol that actually stands for something?

Our revolutionary fathers rallied around a symbol, Old Glory.  This showed unification but it does more. It is a symbol of your beliefs. It announces to the world who you are, what you stand for, provides as a constant reminder to you and those around you what must be done and serves as a symbol of solidarity.

Historically, freedom-making organizations have advanced their freedom agendas independently and that does not have to change.  What does have to change for us to succeed is for us to unite under a single banner so our collective voices can be heard.  Coming together as necessary to achieve one single objective… the restoration of our freedoms.

What does the FreedomMaker symbol provide?

  • DEFINES THE ISSUE… in our terms
  • ELIMINATES CLICHÉ… no divisional Orwellian terminology that divides & confuses
  • PROVIDES OWNERSHIP OF THE ISSUE… as Freedom Makers we will define what constitutes a FreedomMaker and FreedomTaker
  • DEFINES BOTH POSITIVE & NEGATIVE TERMS… unlike many debates where the other side chooses their own label, we’re not letting the non-freedom makers choose this time we’re choosing for them, and it’s defined as a FreedomTaker
  • MAINTAINS IDENTITY OF GROUPS… each freedom making organization can continue unabated to pursue their own agendas, but as necessary all FreedomMakers can unite and collectively focus energies toward freedom making principles
  • TEACHES… it begins the reversal of the indoctrination of our children that the government should manage every aspect of our lives.

This FreedomMaker symbol provides simplification and unification. It serves as a constant reminder of our mission.

Further unification is achieved through structure.  The difference between a noisy mob and a victorious military campaign is STRUCTURE. Our revolutionary fathers had the will to fight but nothing would have been achieved without structure.

To achieve focus each freedom making organization is asked to appoint a delegate to participate on the local FreedomMaker steering committee.  This committee will identify how to best advance the freedom maker principles within their community and report back to their organizations.  With enough community organizations we influence state issues… then national.

Now that we’ve simplified the issue, unified the FreedomMakers and established a platform to focus the energy… what next?

In 1994 the Republicans introduced the Contract with America.  They publicly laid out a set of principles and policies of which they intended to standby and implement.  The program was hugely successful but ultimately failed because they failed to honor the contract.

We’re utilizing the positive segments of this concept and bringing them to the local level.  Instead of allowing the party that didn’t get thrown out of office that election to showboat about what they intend to do, we’re going to tell them what we expect.

The FreedomMaker steering committee (made up of local freedom loving organizations) will develop a set of FreedomMaker principles and create a matrix on how to track performance.  The steering committee will then seek candidates for different offices at all levels of government (school boards, county commissioners, city council, state representatives, federal representatives, etc.) whom we believe will honor this contract.  The candidate then in the presence of the cameras and crowds of supporters will publicly pledge to uphold the FreedomMaker principles laid out in their FreedomMaker Contract.

As an example:

I pledge to uphold the Freedom Maker Contract.  Should I fail to uphold these Freedom principles, then I will have failed to represent my constituents, my country and I am not worthy of serving.  I agree to resign and never seek public office again.” 

That’s the kind of candidates we demand henceforth.  We will never again support a candidate that CHANGES and CHANGES their story and beliefs depending on the audience de jour.

The founder of the program wrote:


That is where we need to be.  We need to mentally be in a place where we believe in our objectives, know our tasks and achieve our goals.

For the next few seconds I want you to imagine that one out of every ten homes in the area has a FreedomMaker sign in the yard, that 80% of the businesses have a FreedomMaker sticker in their window.  Now I want you to imagine that you’re an elected official, or a candidate seeing this symbol of solidarity.

If you’re a FreedomMaker it is going to empower you to do what is right.  If you’re a FreedomTaker it is going to make you think twice before you try and steal that next freedom.  And from now on the freedoms will have to be stolen because we’re not giving them away any more!

What if you as a FreedomMaker pledged to support Freedom making events?  What if you received a phone call requesting your presence at a FreedomMaker demonstration?  What if you came?  What if FreedomMakers like you all over this great nation came together with one voice?  Our presence would be unstoppable.

Do we want our children, grandchildren and generations to follow to be entrapped with the shackles of economic and socialistic slavery?  Do we want the greatest beacon of freedom for the world extinguished? NO.

Then we begin today with solidarity. It’s not difficult.  It doesn’t take a herculean effort.  It takes the majority doing a little, consistently.  It takes you displaying the FreedomMaker in your yard, car and business.  It takes you to participate in a freedom making organization and help lead the way.  It takes you to recruit a friend. It takes you to show up when you get the call.  It takes you to sign up now so we can make all this possible.  It takes FreedomMakers to show solidarity.

Remember these three steps:  Simplify, Unify and Focus

  • We simplify by redefining the issue… either FreedomMaker or FreedomTaker.
  • We simplify and unify by establishing solidarity with the FreedomMaker symbol.  
  • We focus our energies by developing a structure through which we can communicate and act.

This program is designed to overlay into all freedom loving organizations. Are you a member of a local freedom loving organization not participating in the FreedomMaker family?  Is there not a local FreedomMaker chapter in your town?  Then go to our website email us and we will provide you with all the tools you need to get going.  Congratulations for leading the way.

FreedomMakers believe and stay the course.

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