"The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Chapter Development Tools/Downloads

The following is a list of necessary activities. New chapters can use this as a guide to becoming organized. The United FreedomMakers of Evansville are taking a lead in developing much of this information and will share with others as it becomes available.

1)      PHONE TREE: Delegate someone to set up a phone tree list and be responsible for managing it as it grows. For now a four calls per person and four levels deep will cover approximately 80 folks. Someone at the bottom of each level should be responsible to confirm that the other bottom levels have been notified.


2)      WELCOMING COMMITTEE: Make sure someone(s) is delegated to welcome everyone who walks in or signs up on the website. Have name tags and collect at the end of each meeting.
Primary and two backups.


3)      AWARDS AND APPRECIATION: Develop the material and a plan for indentifying, thanking and recognizing FreedomMakers within the community.

  • Stationary: (we will have these available on the website for other chapters soon)
  • Thank you cards
  • Stationary (return addresses)
  • Recognition Awards: (we will have these available on the website for other chapters soon)
  • Certificates
  • Placard
  • Plaque
  • FreedomTaker awards
  • Event recommendations


4)      RESOURCE TASK GROUP: This is a task group to identify what resources we need and where to get them.

  • Meeting places, poster boards, paints, brushes, printing, petitions, computer / projector and manage the distribution of the FreedomMaker solidarity symbols.
  • Care packages to other chapters.
  • Also phone numbers of elected officials, etc., and printed resources.


5)      OUTREACH TASK GROUP: Task group to identify how to expand membership.

  • Identify and communicate with, community organizations, neighboring communities and states that do not have a FreedomMaker Chapter.
  • These folks should identify and communicate with the delegates of other organizations.
  • Identify others willing to present the FreedomMaker presentation to groups and new



  • Business liaisons: This task groups identifies businesses in the community(s) and solicits their support in displaying the FreedomMaker and well as passing out flyers for events. Many of these folks will provide discounted resources. These business may later be utilized as sponsors.


Business Liaisons:


6)      ADVERTISING TASK GROUP: Identify all the options, cost, time and resources for getting the message out and identifying the resources FreedomTakers are using (handouts, newspaper, radio, meeting, solidarity symbols, churches, website, bill boards, and businesses. It can be just as effective to neutralize the FreedomTaker resources as expanding our.

  • Equally important know who is not supporting FreedomMakers and determine ways to neutralize their negative influences.
  • Identify the advertisers in the local papers and share this information with the Outreach. Bring list back to the group and see if anyone has associations. Have these advertisers write the newspaper.


7)      LOCAL ACTIVITIES TASK GROUP: This group tracks what is going on and forwards the information to the group leaders.

  • This includes when and where there are local political activities, government hearing, council meeting, and legislative agendas. Build a net work of communications.


8)      ELECTION COMMITTEE: This group actively tracks who is running for office and identifies potential candidates.

  • What offices are coming up for election?
  • Who is running?
  • What are the responsibilities of the offices?
  • What are the issues relevant to FreedomMakers?
  • This includes setting up the meeting for vetting, debates.
  • This includes working on a FreedomMaker contract.


9)      FUND RAISING TASK GROUP: Identify and execute ways to raise funds. Discussion on income.


10)   WEBSITE TASK GROUP: Someone needs to be responsible for development and posting of information on the website. You can use the Meetup template Evansville has developed. We can provide other chapters what they need, just contact us.


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