"The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object." ~ Thomas Jefferson

About Us

Welcome to the FreedomMaker.org website!

Our mission is to:

Implement a process by which we can begin to reverse the erosion of our freedoms which we have abdicated and ultimately re-establish our freedoms through the exercising of our constitutional obligations.

We have witnessed an enormous upwelling of motivation towards restoring our Constitutional freedoms but motivation alone is not enough. Have you ever wondered what is the next step… what is the endgame? If so then look no further. The FreedomMaker program is a step by step program on how to restore our Constitutional freedoms. It is not a difficult process but does require a clear understanding and an appreciation for the program.

For a century with the passing of each administration, regardless of party affiliation, we have lost a degree of liberty. The only element that has changed is the rate of lost liberties. With the abuses of the Bush and Obama administrations there has been a collective awakening in America in which we recognize or liberties are in peril and we are motivated to action.
Allow the following observation: “There is a very narrow line between motivated to action and motivated to late.”

Action alone will not achieve our goals, we must have a plan. Wanting something and making something happen are two very different animals. Energy moving in all different directions is no more than chaos and will dissipate. Our revolutionary fathers had motivation but in addition they had a plan. So must we!

That is what FreedomMakers is all about creating a plan… a reproducible template for each community and state in our Union on how to restore our freedoms. Below and in the FreedomMaker Program tab is an outline of how we motivate the disenfranchised to participate, unite the FreedomMakers and then Focus the energies toward restoring our liberties.

If you or your group feel moved to do something but just do not know what to do or feel ineffective then this program is for you. It is like a road map and will lay out each specific step towards restoring our freedoms as well as providing many of the essential resources.

There are two websites: This website is the National website. It is a reference site of how the program operates and resources; the other websites (links below) are for to the local website and can be utilized as a template for your local chapter. We can provide the template at your request and you can be up and operating in days. To gain an understanding it is essential that you read the program outline below and in the FreedomMaker Program tab. Very shortly we will have a video of the program so please check back.


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