"The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object." ~ Thomas Jefferson

FreedomMaker Responsibilities

As FreedomMakers, we can help maintain freedom my taking care of our responsibilities. The following duties have been identified as ways to do this:


1)     Decide what you Freedom is worth and act according.

2)     Be an active member of a freedom loving organization.  This can be a FreedomMaker chapter or any freedom loving organization you feel moved to serve.

3)     Be willing to serve as a delegate to FreedomMakers and assure communications between freedom loving organizations and FreedomMakers.

4)     Be part of and participate in an active communication program, phone and email list.

5)     Identify your talents and be willing to volunteer whenever possible.

6)     Be willing to participate in a Task Group whenever possible.

7)     When called upon to assemble or other actions do so and bring a friend.

8)     Show your solidarity by displaying the FreedomMaker symbol of solidarity in your yard, car, business, etc.

9)     Do not financially support FreedomTaking organizations, businesses or individuals.  Make it your business to know who you are supporting when you make a purchase.

10) Recruit members; individuals, organizations, and businesses.

11) Lead the way by expanding promoting FreedomMaker chapters to neighboring or distant districts.

12) Communicate often to your elected officials; this includes phone, email, letters and meeting.

13)   Help identify, recruit and then support FreedomMaker candidates at all levels of government.

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